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  • User Description: These languages make no distinction between the word and the thing, the picture and the depicted, inasmuch as the boundaries between language and reality are erased in the mind of the one seeing or the one seeking. The experiences manifest no difference in time and space, nor any differentiation between ‘I’ and ‘you’ – the soul and Christ. The medieval women and their successors in later eras knew that their manner of expression was symbolic, but also that there was no other expressive option. They possibly also realised that they used everyday experiences to convey their insight and their message. Whatever the language of desire independent review , we cannot talk of repressed impulses in these texts, because desire is there for all to see. And, as they all knew, the language of desire and feelings is the language of truth. Whether or not these images and symbols, dreams and feelings, thus express the women’s ‘I’, their authentic inner selves, is another question. Religious convention offered them a language and a platform.

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